Our Team

We think our team's greatest strength lies in the diversity of our histories, multidisciplinary expertise, and commitment to shared values.


Noel Frame

Noel has more than two decades of experience in politics and public policy, is a former nonprofit director, and currently serves as a state legislator.


Andrés Mantilla

Andrés brings over 20 years of experience in facilitation, policy development, data analysis, and engaging diverse stakeholders and communities.


Ishmael Nuñez

Ishmael is a recognized national leader and respected facilitator at the intersection of culture, place, and community building.

Founding & Managing Partner

Brian Douglas Scott

Brian Scott founded Uncommon Bridges (as BDS Planning & Urban Design) in 2009, and has more than 40 years of experience in comprehensive community development.

Project Associate

Skylar Benson

Skylar provides project support for management, research, visual communication, and data analysis across the firm.

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Marketing Director

Emily Davila

Emily has been working at the intersection of strategic communications, leadership, and organizational development for the past two decades.

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Equity & Engagement Lead

Ariam Ford

Ariam brings a decade of experience leading social change movements through the lenses of sustainability, data, and social justice.

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Project Manager

Charlotte Jernick

Charlotte uses her project management skills to foster collaboration that increases equity and justice within communities.

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Policy & Program Development Lead

Natalia Koss Vallejo

Natalia leads the firm’s work on state and local policy–designing, improving, and implementing government programs, workgroups, and policy research.

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Project Manager

Jennie Kovalcik

Jennie brings a decade of experience in placemaking and project management across the public, private, and nonprofit sectors.

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Operations Director

Dori Krupanics

Dori is an avid systems architect and strategic operational leader who oversees project management, IT, compliance and contracting across the firm.

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Organizational Development Lead

Jacqueline Robinette

Jacqueline excels in guiding clients through strategic planning processes, consensus facilitation, and thoughtful organizational development.

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