Who We Are

Simply said, we facilitate.

We build consensus within communities, working together to deliver positive and lasting impact. Conflict is an inherent part of that work, so we span differences from all sides as we transform vision into results. We do this with one simple goal in mind: thriving communities for everyone. We push forward with a kind, firm hand and a grittiness and grace that move all parties to a shared sense of purpose—to a common ground.

Uncommon Bridges is a nationally recognized organizational development, engagement, and policy consulting firm based in Seattle, WA.

Established in 2009 as BDS Planning & Urban Design, Uncommon Bridges specializes in building consensus and unlikely coalitions, communicating complex information, demonstrating leading ideas, and shaping organizations.

Our Approach

Uncommon Bridges builds more vibrant, just, and thriving communities by braiding inclusive process, consensus leadership, impactful organizations, and meaningful places into everything we do.

Inclusive Process

We specialize in planning that is participatory, comprehensive, strategic, and implementable. We strive to amplify racial, environmental, and social justice to empower diverse communities.

Consensus Leadership

We have a knack for finding common ground between voices that are not typically allied. We help clients work through conflicts and build strong coalitions, often among unlikely partners, around challenging public decisions and policy initiatives.

Impactful Organizations

Figuring out how to get things done is just as much fun as coming up with the ideas in the first place. Uncommon Bridges is known for dynamic strategic planning, and molding organizations to ensure implementation and lasting change.

Meaningful Places

Special places don't happen by accident. We help local clients curate the histories, stories, and experiences of their places to support unique community needs and elevate everyone's experience.

Let's get to work.

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