Our Services

Strategic Planning & Visioning

‍Setting the direction of an organization or agency leads to a set of well-informed decisions about where to focus energy and investments in the years ahead. We are known for dynamic strategic planning, and for shaping organizations to ensure implementation and lasting change through a strategic planning framework that is simple but profound.


We have a knack for finding common ground between voices that are not typically allied. We help clients work through conflicts and build strong coalitions, often among unlikely partners and around contentious public decisions and policy initiatives.

Research & Analysis

Our comprehensive process combines primary sources, desk research, and data analysis, laying the groundwork for successful community engagement and outreach. By taking a human-centered approach to research and analysis, we are able to achieve high-quality community engagement with a focus on equity and inclusion.

BID Formation, Renewal, & Expansion

Our expertise lies in bringing downtown districts together to create plans and budgets that maintain safe and active environments and ensure lasting stewardship. We are national leaders in business district revitalization, especially in forming, renewing, and expanding business improvement and assessment districts.

Community & Stakeholder Engagement

Our engagement processes are known for elevating community voices into appropriate implementable recommendations. Our racially and socially equitable engagement removes barriers and prioritizes the participation of community members across a spectrum of needs.

Policy & Program Development

We lead public decision-makers to find a common vision and craft and deploy the policies that will bring these visions to life. We work to build broad community support and develop strategic alliances around specific issues while taking advantage of current political realities.

Government Relations & Strategy

When policy actors and public leaders provide space for input based on lived experience, history, and power within communities, public policies feel co-created and are more likely to be widely supported. We bring necessary voices into policy development conversations to ensure future and current systems stay accountable to those most impacted by harms caused by inequitable public policies, programs, and practices.

Cultural Placemaking

We foster community building around place, identity, and culture. Our culturally responsive placemaking framework and participatory community-driven approach affirms and transforms people and places through shared experience and collective action.