Noel Frame



Noel has more than two decades of experience in politics and public policy, is a former nonprofit director, and currently serves as a state legislator.

Noel is a strategic contributor to a wide range of projects at the firm, with dynamic skills in facilitation, training, program development, and community and stakeholder engagement. She is particularly adept at making connections across sectors and between issues that few others can see. She is an ace at organizing and creative shuttle diplomacy that makes consensus-building possible. Her favorite projects are ones that include deep community engagement and allow the public to shape the policies that impact the places where they live, work and play. Noel puts her systems-oriented brain to work shaping company operations and increasing the efficiency of the team. Noel has served in the Washington State Legislature since 2016–the same year she joined the firm. She holds an M.A. in Political Management from George Washington University.