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DowntownDC Business Improvement District

Washington DC

DowntownDC BID Strategic Plan

Project Details

DowntownDC Business Improvement District contracted Uncommon Bridges (as BDS Planning) to support them in the creation of their 2023-2027 Strategic Plan, and the recent renewal of its charter. The strategic planning process was used to define the BID’s vision, mission, values, intended impact, and critical priorities in the coming years to ensure mutual success for the organization, its stakeholders, and the entire Downtown DC community.

Our team worked closely with a staff leadership group, with iterative inputs from members of the BID corporate staff, ambassador program, and operations staff, as well as the board of directors, to create a bold strategic plan. The final plan sets a foundation for the organization to maintain its position as the lead steward of downtown and activate a vibrant public realm, lead as an expert, build strong organizational infrastructure, and serve as a champion for the business community.

In addition to a new set of foundational statements (vision, mission, values, and intended impact) and core strategic priorities, we helped DowntownDC BID establish a tailored implementation framework in order to implement the strategic plan successfully. Over the next four years, the organization will use this framework to prioritize and execute its work. The framework includes prioritized first steps, milestones for tracking progress, individuals accountable to each portion of the plan, and a documentation structure to support internal staff work plans. 

DowntownDC BID has retained our services to support their continued organizational development and Strategic Plan implementation. 

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