Culture & Creative Economy

Downtown Seattle Association

Seattle, WA

State of the Sector: Arts & Culture

Project Details

On behalf of the Downtown Seattle Association (DSA), BDS Planning, now Uncommon Bridges, facilitated the engagement of stakeholders within the Downtown Seattle Arts and Culture community. The primary objective was to gain deeper insights into the challenges facing the sector, develop strategies for the DSA to actively support the recovery of downtown arts, and propose collaborative initiatives for fostering a vibrant arts and culture scene. This process resulted in the creation of a white paper entitled Arts & Culture as a Driver in Downtown Seattle’s Revitalization. The report not only describes the collaborative efforts and recommendations of the convened stakeholders but also explores the economic impact of arts and culture, along with strategic initiatives aimed at expediting the recovery of the downtown arts scene.

DSA presented this white paper, detailing the process and findings, to a group of over 60 downtown partners and stakeholders. To ensure the ongoing impact and effectiveness of this collective effort, DSA also launched an arts and culture coalition, establishing a platform for continued collaboration and concerted action among the diverse participants involved.

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