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City of Indianapolis

Indianapolis, IN

Indianapolis Cultural Equity Plan

Project Details

The City of Indianapolis hired Uncommon Bridges, formerly BDS Planning & Urban Design, to robustly design and implement the Cultural Equity Plan’s community engagement. An ongoing effort, Uncommon Bridges is tasked with connecting Indianapolis’ diverse communities, artists, creatives, and other key stakeholder voices to the development of the Cultural Equity Plan. 

Culture is not just a form of entertainment or a way to pass the time. It is a fundamental aspect of our identity and shapes our everyday lives. In cities, culture plays a crucial role in the success of a community, encompassing everything from economic vitality to the quality of life for residents. As Indianapolis and Indiana continue to diversify, it is essential to recognize and value the diverse cultures of the community. A cultural equity plan is necessary to support the unique and collective cultures of diverse communities and provide them with physical spaces, public policies, investment, and support in civic and spiritual life. - Lourenzo Giple, Deputy Director of Planning, Preservation, and Design

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