Puget Sound Regional Council

Regional Safety Action Plan & Transportation Futures Task Force

Project Details

In 2016 BDS Planning & Urban Design, now Uncommon Bridges, facilitated Puget Sound Regional Council’s (PSRC) Transportation Task Force in a data-driven, actionable conversation about the Puget Sound region’s current and future transportation challenges and opportunities culminating in a Transportation Futures Study. PSRC, in partnership with the Seattle Department of Transportation and Washington State Department of Transportation, engaged CBE Strategic and BDS Planning & Urban Design team to create a compelling, actionable roadmap for the future of transportation that builds on the region’s distinctive assets and relationships. This process produced realistic, fiscally sustainable, and politically feasible recommendations to advance the region.

Currently, Uncommon Bridges is supporting PSRC in developing a public safety regional action plan informed by a broad, intensive, and deeply meaningful community engagement process.

PSRC has established safety as a key policy focus area, with particular emphasis on traffic-related crashes in the Regional Transportation Plan in 2022 and its Vision 2050 plan.

The regional safety action plan intends to establish a roadmap for thoughtful policy consideration based on comprehensive data analysis, public engagement and leverage other safe street local grants. Uncommon Bridges, PSRC, and the team will work collaboratively to meet these goals with an eye for creative and equitable engagement and research practices with the support of our partners.

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